Understanding Signal Jammers: Types and Functionality

Exploring the Different Types and Features of Signal Jammers

In recent years, the use of Signal Jammers has become increasingly common during large-scale examinations to combat cheating. However, many people are still unfamiliar with these devices. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Signal Jammers, including their types, internal structures, and functionality.

Types of Signal Jammers:

Currently, there are two main types of Signal Jammers available in the market. The first type features an internal antenna, while the second type utilizes an external antenna. These two variations differ in terms of their appearance and internal construction.

Internal Antenna Signal Jammers:

Signal Jammers with internal antennas typically have the antenna installed within the device, along with various electronic components. These jammers are designed to have a visually appealing exterior. The internal antenna configuration ensures a sleek and compact appearance, making them less conspicuous.

External Antenna Signal Jammers:

On the other hand, Signal Jammers with external antennas have several interfaces on their casing to accommodate the installation of external antennas. These interfaces represent different signal channels that can be blocked. The number of external antennas determines the advantages and disadvantages of the signal jammer. A higher number of antennas generally results in a wider range of signal blocking.


Both types of Signal Jammers employ various electronic components to achieve the desired interference with mobile phone signals. These devices are capable of blocking signals within a specific radius, effectively preventing cheating during exams or maintaining privacy in sensitive areas.


Signal Jammers have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, particularly during large-scale examinations. Understanding the different types and functionalities of these devices is crucial in combating cheating and ensuring a fair testing environment. Whether utilizing internal or external antennas, Signal Jammers play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of examinations and safeguarding sensitive areas from unauthorized communication.