Understanding Full Band Signal Jammers: Will They Affect Other Floors?

Full band signal jammers are commonly known to be used in places such as schools, prisons, and detention centers. However, they are also utilized in certain special companies or confidential meeting rooms. For instance, within an office building? A particular company, due to employees excessively using their phones during work hours, decided to install a signal jammer in the office to eliminate this behavior. However, they were concerned that installing a signal jammer in the office would affect the productivity of other floors. This raises the question: Will a full band signal jammer affect other floors? To address this issue, we first need to understand what a signal jammer is and how it works.

Understanding Signal Jammers and Their Operation:

When a mobile phone is in use, it connects to a base station through radio waves within a certain range to transmit data. On the other hand, a full band signal jammer disrupts this process by creating interference, making it impossible for the phone to detect the base station’s normal data and connect to it. The effectiveness of a signal jammer primarily depends on factors such as the jammer’s power, distance from nearby signal base stations, and the presence of obstacles. Low-power jammers, in particular, have specific installation requirements because incorrect installation can weaken the transmission power, thus affecting the jamming effect. Additionally, most full band signal jammers are not recommended for use through walls, as the jamming effect significantly decreases after passing through a layer of concrete. The reinforced concrete structure between floors has a strong attenuating effect on signals, resulting in minimal impact on other floors. If the signal on other floors is affected, the emission power of the full band signal jammer can be adjusted, or a directional antenna can be installed to reduce the impact.

Solution from a Professional Manufacturer:

One professional manufacturer of full band signal jammers, with over a decade of experience in on-site installation and solving complex problems, offers a solution. Their signal jammer, the SMa-818B5-PLUS, allows for the adjustment of the output power of each module frequency through software settings. This enables the reduction of the jamming range to minimize the impact on areas that do not require jamming. Additionally, the machine can be equipped with an integrated directional antenna, providing convenience and ease of operation.


In conclusion, the installation of a full band signal jammer in an office building is unlikely to significantly affect other floors. The reinforced concrete structure between floors acts as a strong attenuator of signals, resulting in minimal interference. However, if there is any impact on other floors, adjustments can be made to the emission power of the signal jammer or a directional antenna can be installed. With the advancements in technology, professional manufacturers offer solutions that cater to specific needs, ensuring efficient and effective signal jamming while minimizing any unintended consequences.