The Solution to Distractions during Prayer: The All-Band Signal Blocker

An Italian Priest Finds a Solution to the Increasing Dependency on Mobile Phones

In today’s modern world, people have become increasingly reliant on their mobile phones, to the point where they find it difficult to detach themselves even during moments of prayer. This predicament posed a challenge for Father Michele Madonna of the Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Naples, Italy. However, according to reports from the Daily Mail, Father Madonna has finally found a solution to this issue – an all-band signal blocker. This article explores the priest’s motivation behind this unconventional approach and the functionality of the device.

The Challenge Faced by Father Madonna:

Father Madonna noticed a growing trend of individuals struggling to focus on prayer due to their constant use of mobile phones. Witnessing the awkward expressions on their faces when he suggested turning off their devices and focusing on prayer, he decided to take action. However, his intention was not to display a lack of patience but rather to create an environment conducive to prayer.

The All-Band Signal Blocker:

To address this issue, Father Madonna purchased an all-band signal blocker for $60. This device operates by scanning frequencies from the lower end to the higher end at a predetermined speed during its working process. This scanning speed disrupts the reception of message signals on mobile phones, causing interference and rendering them unable to detect normal microwave signals transmitted from base stations. Consequently, within a specific range, the device prevents mobile phones from establishing a connection with base stations, effectively blocking mobile signals.

The Legitimacy of Father Madonna’s Actions:

One might question the appropriateness of Father Madonna’s decision to use an all-band signal blocker. However, according to the priest himself, his actions have received support from local law enforcement authorities. This endorsement suggests that the use of such a device is considered acceptable within the context of maintaining a prayerful atmosphere.


As the reliance on mobile phones continues to grow, even during moments of prayer, Father Michele Madonna of the Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Naples, Italy, has taken a unique approach to address this issue. By utilizing an all-band signal blocker, he aims to create an environment where individuals can focus on prayer without distractions. While some may question the legitimacy of his actions, the support received from local law enforcement authorities indicates that his approach is deemed appropriate. As technology continues to evolve, it is essential to find a balance between its benefits and the need for uninterrupted moments of reflection and spirituality.