The Proper Placement and Management of Signal Jammers in Educational Settings


With the advancement of science and technology, Signal Jammers have become increasingly familiar to everyone. These devices are being used more frequently during important exams such as the college entrance examination (gaokao) or various school assessments. However, the use of mobile phones during exams raises concerns about fairness. To ensure effective signal blocking, it is crucial to properly place and manage Signal Jammers in classrooms. This article will discuss the optimal placement and centralized control of these devices in educational settings.

Optimal Placement for Signal Jammers:

To achieve better signal blocking, Signal Jammers can be placed on chairs, desks, or directly on the floor, depending on the strength of the radio signals in the area. Placing them at the front and back of the classroom ensures better coverage. However, if it is challenging to protect the rear area of the classroom when only one jammer is used at the front, positioning it in the middle of the classroom can provide better results. This arrangement requires shorter signal-blocking lengths on both sides, enhancing the effectiveness of the jammer.

Securing Signal Jammers in Classrooms:

For long-term use of Signal Jammers in classrooms, it is essential to secure them properly. Firstly, they should be placed at a higher position, preferably 2.5m-3m or even higher. This height serves two purposes: better signal blocking and prevention of potential damage caused by mischievous students. Placing the jammer in the middle position at the back of the classroom is ideal.

Centralized Control for Multiple Jammers:

In cases where multiple Signal Jammers are required, it is advisable to have a unified switch. The circuitry of each jammer in every classroom should be interconnected. By having the school control the activation and deactivation of the jammers, it saves time and effort. This centralized control system eliminates the need for individuals to manually operate the jammers in each classroom, avoiding unnecessary inconvenience.


The proper placement and management of Signal Jammers in educational settings are crucial to ensure fair and secure exam environments. By strategically positioning the jammers and implementing centralized control systems, schools can effectively block wireless signals during exams, maintaining the integrity of the assessment process. These measures contribute to a level playing field for all students and promote a fair educational environment.