The Importance of Tactical High-Power Police Interference Vehicles


In order to effectively respond to large-scale illegal gatherings, protests, and sudden mass incidents, the use of tactical high-power police interference vehicles is crucial. These vehicles are equipped with a wide frequency range and a fully digital (DDS) high-power modular design, allowing for the blocking of all frequencies between 20-6000MHz. Additionally, they are equipped with specialized power generation and control systems, enabling them to seamlessly integrate into various scenarios without occupying space or emitting exhaust gases and noise.

Shielding Frequencies and Adjustable Frequency Range:

The tactical high-power police interference vehicles are capable of shielding all frequencies between 20-6000MHz. The frequency can be adjusted at any time to avoid interfering with law enforcement frequencies. This flexibility ensures that the vehicles can effectively disrupt unauthorized communication and prevent the coordination of illegal activities.

Specialized Power Generation and Control Systems:

These vehicles are equipped with dedicated power generation and control systems, allowing them to retain rear seating while not occupying additional space or generating exhaust gases and noise. This feature ensures the comfort and safety of law enforcement personnel during operations.

Electrically Retractable Roof Antenna:

The roof antenna of the police interference vehicle is equipped with an electrically retractable mechanism, enabling quick deployment and retraction. This feature is particularly useful during high-speed operations, as the vehicle can seamlessly integrate into VIP or leadership convoys, preventing the detonation of remote-controlled bombs by criminals. When not in use, the antenna can be retracted to a hidden position, allowing the vehicle to perform other tasks conveniently.

Modular Plug-and-Play Design:

The modular plug-and-play design of the vehicle provides convenience for future frequency and power upgrades, as well as routine maintenance and repairs. This design allows for easy adjustment of frequency bands and power levels, ensuring the vehicle’s adaptability to evolving communication technologies.

DDS Module and Computer Control Software:

The police interference vehicles are equipped with a complete set of DDS modules, which can be controlled and adjusted through computer software. This allows for the modification of output power and frequency bands, including the ability to set special communication frequencies in emergency situations. The vehicles can be quickly reconfigured to address specific communication needs, enhancing their effectiveness in various operational scenarios.


Tactical high-power police interference vehicles play a vital role in addressing large-scale illegal gatherings, protests, and sudden mass incidents. Their wide frequency range, adjustable frequency capabilities, specialized power generation and control systems, retractable roof antenna, modular design, and computer control software make them indispensable tools for law enforcement agencies. These vehicles provide law enforcement personnel with the means to disrupt unauthorized communication, maintain public safety, and effectively respond to evolving communication technologies.