The Importance of Tactical High-Power Communication Jamming Vehicles

In order to effectively respond to large-scale illegal gatherings, protests, and sudden outbreaks of violence, tactical high-power communication jamming vehicles play a crucial role. These vehicles are designed with ultra-wideband capabilities, allowing them to block all frequencies between 20-6000MHz. The frequencies can be adjusted at any time to avoid interfering with law enforcement frequencies.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-wideband Design:

    The vehicle utilizes an ultra-wideband design, enabling it to block all frequencies between 20-6000MHz. The frequency can be adjusted as needed, ensuring it does not interfere with law enforcement frequencies.

  2. Dedicated Power Generation and Control System:

    The communication jamming vehicle is equipped with a dedicated power generation and control system. This system does not occupy any additional space and does not produce exhaust emissions or noise. The rear seats are retained, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.

  3. Electrically Retractable Roof Antenna:

    The vehicle is equipped with an electrically retractable roof antenna, allowing for quick deployment and retraction. This feature is particularly useful during missions where the vehicle needs to travel at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour, such as when intermingling with VIP or leadership convoys to prevent remote-controlled bomb detonations. When the communication jamming vehicle is not on a mission, the antenna can be retracted for easy concealment, facilitating the execution of other tasks.

  4. Modular Plug-and-Play Design:

    The vehicle is designed with a modular plug-and-play system, providing convenience for future frequency and power adjustments. Additionally, this design facilitates routine maintenance and repairs.

  5. DDS Module and Computer Control Software:

    The communication jamming vehicle is equipped with a complete set of DDS modules, allowing for the adjustment of output power and frequency bands through computer control software. This feature enables the vehicle to set special communication frequencies in emergency situations.


Tactical high-power communication jamming vehicles are essential in addressing large-scale illegal gatherings, protests, and violent incidents. With their ultra-wideband design, dedicated power generation and control systems, electrically retractable roof antennas, modular plug-and-play capabilities, and DDS modules, these vehicles provide effective and efficient communication jamming capabilities. By utilizing these vehicles, law enforcement agencies can better maintain public order and safety during challenging situations.