The Importance of Police Frequency Jammers


In order to effectively respond to large-scale illegal gatherings, sudden mass incidents, and the dismantling of suspicious explosive devices, the use of police frequency jammers plays a crucial role. These devices are designed with ultra-wideband technology, capable of blocking all common wireless signals ranging from 20-6000MHz. Not only can they control communication, but they can also render remote-controlled bombs ineffective. Apart from the ability to block wireless signals within the 20-6000MHz range, police frequency jammers should possess the following advantages:

1. Dedicated Power Generation System:

Police frequency jammers should be equipped with a dedicated power generation system. Given their high power consumption, only a high-power extraction system can meet the daily power requirements for executing tasks.

2. Stable Control System:

Police frequency jammers should have a stable control system, including control over antenna collapse and module switches. This ensures the device can adapt to different usage scenarios and effectively meet control requirements. Additionally, it allows for the disabling of remote-controlled bombs.

3. Roof-mounted Antenna with Quick Deployment:

The antenna installed on the roof should have a one-touch collapse switch, enabling rapid deployment and retraction. During task execution, the police frequency jammer can maintain stability on the vehicle roof even at speeds of up to 100km/h or when driving on bumpy roads. This prevents collisions between antennas. After completing the mission, the antenna can be easily hidden, allowing the vehicle to perform other tasks conveniently.

4. Rapid Module Replacement:

The radio frequency modules used in police frequency jammers should support quick installation and removal. In the event of a malfunction, fast replacement is essential to ensure the modules can function properly and meet the requirements for executing tasks promptly.


In the face of large-scale illegal gatherings, sudden mass incidents, and suspicious explosive devices, the role of police frequency jammers is of utmost importance. With their ability to block wireless signals within the 20-6000MHz range, along with the aforementioned advantages, these devices provide law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools to maintain public safety and effectively handle critical situations.