The Importance of Communication Interference Vehicles in Handling Large-scale Illegal Gatherings and Suspicious Explosive Devices

Enhancing Security Measures with Vehicle-mounted Signal Jamming Systems

In order to effectively respond to large-scale illegal gatherings, sudden mass incidents, and the disposal of suspicious explosive devices, the activation of communication interference vehicles to block wireless signals is of paramount importance. These vehicle-mounted devices employ ultra-wideband designs, capable of blocking all common wireless signals ranging from 20-6000MHz. Not only do they enable communication control, but they also render remote-controlled bombs ineffective. In addition to the ability to block wireless signals within this frequency range, communication interference vehicles should possess several other advantages.

Specialized Power Generation System:

Communication interference vehicles are equipped with dedicated power generation systems. Due to the high power output of the signal jamming module, these vehicles consume a significant amount of electricity. Only by equipping them with high-power power take-off systems can they meet the daily power requirements for device operation.

Efficient Antenna Design:

The antenna installed on the vehicle’s roof features a one-touch collapse switch, allowing for quick elevation and retraction. This ensures that the antenna remains stable on the roof even when the vehicle is traveling at speeds of up to 100km/h or traversing bumpy terrain, preventing collisions between antennas. At the end of a mission, the antenna can be easily hidden, enabling the vehicle to perform other tasks.

Stable Control System:

Vehicle-mounted signal jamming systems are equipped with stable control systems, which include control over antenna collapse and the activation of various module switches. This ensures that the system can meet the control requirements of different usage scenarios.


In the face of large-scale illegal gatherings, sudden mass incidents, and the disposal of suspicious explosive devices, communication interference vehicles play a crucial role in maintaining public safety. By effectively blocking wireless signals within the 20-6000MHz frequency range, these vehicles enable communication control and render remote-controlled bombs ineffective. Additionally, their specialized power generation systems, efficient antenna design, and stable control systems further enhance their capabilities in executing missions effectively and efficiently. As technology continues to advance, the development and deployment of communication interference vehicles will undoubtedly contribute to the overall security and stability of society.