The Ideal Installation Position for Cell Phone Jammers in Examination Rooms

In various types of exams nowadays, Cell Phone Jammers have become almost universally popular. They serve as important tools to maintain order, ensure fairness, and guarantee the integrity of exams. During the construction of standardized examination rooms, exam centers often inquire about the ideal installation position for signal jammers. This article will discuss the most suitable locations for installing these devices in examination rooms.

The Evolution of Signal Jammers:

Several years ago, when signal jammers were only used to block 2G and 3G signals, some exam centers did not fix the jammers in place. Instead, they distributed the devices before exams and collected them afterward. However, this approach resulted in various issues. It was inconvenient to maintain and store the equipment, and there was a risk of unintentional damage or loss of components. As 4G and 5G signals became more common, signal jammers underwent several iterations, increasing in size, frequency range, and antenna quantity. Consequently, distributing and collecting the devices centrally would require more effort and make exam preparations more cumbersome. Therefore, fixing the signal jammers inside the classrooms became the inevitable choice.

The Ideal Installation Position:

The most common installation method is wall mounting. However, the question arises: where is the ideal installation position for a wall-mounted Cell Phone Jammer in a classroom with four walls and a ceiling? The most convenient and reasonable location is on the sides of the blackboard, slightly above, on the front and back walls of the classroom. In this area, there is usually at least one vacant spot suitable for wall mounting the jammer at the appropriate height, ranging from 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters. This height requirement ensures signal coverage while preventing students from easily tampering with or maliciously damaging the device.

Another suitable position is the middle area of the side walls of the examination room. This choice is typically made when the exam room is located near mobile base stations, resulting in a smaller jamming radius for the signal jammer. By selecting this installation position, the device can fully utilize the omnidirectional antenna’s transmission characteristics, thereby ensuring overall coverage within the examination room.


In conclusion, the installation position of Cell Phone Jammers in examination rooms plays a crucial role in maintaining exam integrity and fairness. The ideal locations for wall-mounted jammers are on the sides of the blackboard, slightly above, on the front and back walls of the classroom. Alternatively, if the exam room is close to mobile base stations, installing the jammer in the middle area of the side walls can optimize signal coverage. By carefully considering the installation position, exam centers can effectively utilize signal jammers to create a fair and secure testing environment.