The Features and Precautions of the Portable Shielding Device

A Comprehensive Solution for Anti-terrorism, Explosive-proof, and Demolition Safety Applications

In various operational environments such as counter-terrorism, explosive-proofing, bomb disposal, and military field operations, the portable shielding device serves as a specialized tool. Designed in a backpack style, this device offers convenience and mobility. However, there are certain precautions that need to be taken into consideration while using the portable shielding device to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Features of the Portable Shielding Device:

  • Backpack-style Design: The device is designed in a backpack style, allowing for easy portability and convenience during operations.
  • Effective Signal Shielding: With a high module power of -75dbm in open outdoor environments, the portable shielding device can effectively shield all commonly used mobile phone signals within a radius of 50 to 150 meters.
  • Multiple Signal Types: The device can shield various signal types, including GSM (Mobile/Unicom 2G), CDMA (Telecom), DCS (Mobile/Unicom 1800M), and 3G (Mobile TD, Telecom CDMA2000, Unicom WCDMA). Additionally, it can be customized to include GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other signal types.
  • Output Channels: The portable shielding device offers four output channels, allowing for customization of different frequency bands.

Precautions for Using the Portable Shielding Device:

  1. Antenna Alignment: Before powering on the device, ensure that all antennas are securely tightened. This ensures optimal signal reception and transmission.
  2. Initial Charging: During the first use, it is recommended to charge the device continuously for a minimum of 12 hours. This ensures the battery is fully charged and maximizes its performance.
  3. Environmental Considerations: Avoid exposing the portable shielding device to water or placing it near a source of fire. Additionally, refrain from using the device in excessively humid, hot, high-voltage, or high-radiation environments.
  4. Proper Antenna Positioning: For maximum signal shielding range, the antennas should be positioned vertically to the ground in normal usage conditions.


The portable shielding device serves as a specialized tool for various applications, including counter-terrorism, explosive-proofing, bomb disposal, and military field operations. Its backpack-style design offers convenience and mobility, while its powerful signal shielding capabilities ensure the safety and security of the operational environment. By following the recommended precautions, users can maximize the device’s performance and ensure safe usage in diverse operational scenarios.