The Feasibility of Powering High-Power Signal Jammers with Car Batteries

Understanding the Limitations and Alternatives

Many private customers often inquire about purchasing high-power Signal Jammers specifically designed for use in vehicles. They require the device to function properly while the car is in motion or stationary. Additionally, they prefer to use the car’s built-in battery as the power source. However, the question arises: can high-power Signal Jammers be powered by car batteries? In this article, we will explore this topic and provide an answer.

Answering the Question:

Unfortunately, almost all high-power Signal Jammers cannot be powered by a car’s original battery. The reason behind this lies in the customer’s requirement for a high-power jamming device. But what exactly constitutes “high power”? As a manufacturer specializing in vehicle-mounted jamming devices, we typically consider a single RF module output power of 50W or above as high power. However, even the most basic configuration of a complete high-power Signal Jammer includes no less than 12 high-power jamming modules. Therefore, the total RF output power of a complete jamming device would be no less than 600W. It is important to note that this 600W refers to the RF output power, not the power consumption of the entire device.

Power Consumption Calculation:

Now, let’s consider the power consumption. Generally, the power consumption is three times the RF power. In other words, when the RF output power reaches 600W, the power consumption should be around 1800W. Based on this calculation, it becomes clear that the power consumption of a high-power Signal Jammer is at least 1800W. The capacity of a conventional car battery is far from sufficient to meet such high power demands. Furthermore, apart from the battery capacity issue, there is also a safety concern regarding the car’s original wiring. The internal power supply lines of a vehicle can only meet the maximum output power demand of around 200W. If an attempt is made to forcefully power a Signal Jammer with a power requirement of 2000W or even higher, it could lead to safety accidents such as circuit overload or burnt wiring.

Consideration for New Energy Vehicles:

However, the above-mentioned issues are specific to traditional fuel-powered vehicles. With the rise of new energy vehicles, there are now many new types of pure electric or hybrid vehicles available. These vehicles provide external power output ports with a capacity of at least 3000W. Customers can carefully check the technical specifications of these vehicle models’ power output and consider using them as a power source for high-power Signal Jammers.


In conclusion, it is generally not feasible to power high-power Signal Jammers with a car’s original battery. The power demands of these devices far exceed the capacity of conventional car batteries, and the car’s original wiring is not designed to handle such high power requirements. However, with the emergence of new energy vehicles, there may be opportunities to power high-power Signal Jammers using the external power output ports provided by these vehicles. It is important for customers to thoroughly research and verify the technical specifications of these vehicles before attempting to power high-power Signal Jammers.