The Challenge of Achieving a Signal Jammer with a Range of Over 1000 Meters

In the market for signal jammers, it is rare to find a product that claims to have an effective jamming range of over 1000 meters. However, we often receive inquiries from customers who specifically request a dedicated signal jammer with this capability. This raises the question: is it possible to achieve a jamming range of over 1000 meters with a signal jammer?

The Limitations of Traditional High-Power Signal Jammers:

To understand the limitations, we must first explain why mobile base stations can achieve a coverage radius of 2-3 kilometers or even more. This is primarily due to the limited frequency bandwidth of base stations. While the transmission power of base stations is typically 20W or higher, the frequency bandwidth is relatively narrow. Traditional 2G networks have a bandwidth of less than 1MHz, while 3G and 4G networks range from 4MHz to 20MHz. With high power and narrow bandwidth, it is not surprising that mobile signals can cover several kilometers. However, with the advent of 5G technology, the bandwidth will increase to several tens of MHz or even 100MHz. As a result, the coverage range of 5G base stations is generally not able to reach over 1000 meters. This is why there is a need for a denser deployment of 5G base stations.

The Challenge for High-Power Signal Jammers:

High-power signal jammers face a similar challenge. In order to ensure sufficient jamming effectiveness, the jamming signal emitted by the jammer must be 3-5dB or even higher than the signal from the mobile base station. However, each signal jamming module in a signal jammer is designed to output wideband signals, with each module having a frequency bandwidth of over 50MHz or even 100MHz. While the total power of the modules may be 50W or even 100W, the average output power of each module is reduced due to the wider bandwidth. This limitation makes it almost impossible to achieve an effective jamming range of 1000 meters or longer.


In conclusion, the demand for signal jammers with a range of over 1000 meters poses a significant challenge. The limited frequency bandwidth of mobile base stations and the wideband output of signal jamming modules make it difficult to achieve such a range. While advancements in technology may provide potential solutions in the future, it is currently not feasible to produce a high-power signal jammer with an effective range of over 1000 meters.