The Advancements in Full Band Signal Jammers: Expanding Wireless Interference Channels

How Full Band Signal Jammers are Meeting the Increasing Demand for Additional Wireless Interference Frequencies

Full band signal jammers have become indispensable tools in examination halls, serving as effective deterrents against cheating. These devices are designed to disrupt wireless signals within specific frequency ranges. However, the need for expanding the interference capabilities to include other wireless frequencies has posed a challenge for many manufacturers. In this article, we will explore how advancements in full band signal jammers have addressed this issue, allowing for the easy addition of interference modules and the expansion of wireless interference channels.

Expanding Wireless Interference Frequencies

Traditionally, full band signal jammers were designed based on standard mobile phone frequency bands, leaving no room for additional frequency modules. This limitation prevented the fulfillment of diverse wireless interference requirements. To overcome this challenge, our company has developed full band signal jammers that incorporate a modular design. This modular approach allows for the quick and easy addition of interference modules, catering to different on-site wireless interference needs.

Modular Design for Enhanced Flexibility

By utilizing a modular design, our full band signal jammers can be customized to accommodate various frequency modules. This flexibility is achieved through the integration of a heat sink, which enables the stacking of additional modules. As a result, the original 12 interference frequency outputs can be expanded, providing more wireless interference channels. The design also includes pre-determined mounting holes for the heat sink, ensuring that sufficient space is available for future expansion of the full band signal jammer’s frequency range.


The advancements in full band signal jammers have revolutionized the field of wireless interference technology. By incorporating a modular design, manufacturers can now easily meet the increasing demand for additional wireless interference frequencies. Our company’s full band signal jammers have been specifically designed to address this need, allowing for the seamless addition of interference modules and the expansion of wireless interference channels. With these advancements, examination halls and other sensitive environments can continue to rely on full band signal jammers as effective tools in preventing cheating and maintaining security.