Testing the Shielding Effect of Cell Phone Jammers in the Field

Cell Phone Jammers are devices used to block or interfere with mobile phone signals. Before the official use of Cell Phone Jammers, it is necessary to test their shielding effect in the field to determine the installation location and quantity of the jammers.

Testing Procedure:

  1. Determine the desired installation location of the Cell Phone Jammer in the field before powering it on. Typically, the jammer is placed in the front and rear corners of the field, near the walls.
  2. Connect the Cell Phone Jammer to the power source and turn it on.
  3. Prepare three mobile phones from different mobile network operators, preferably of different brands, that are in normal working condition.
  4. Place the mobile phones diagonally opposite to the Cell Phone Jammer, which is the farthest position from the jammer.
  5. Allow the mobile phones to remain idle for approximately 2 minutes without any operation.
  6. Check if the mobile phone screens display “No Signal.” If so, it indicates that the mobile phones from that particular network operator are being blocked by the jammer. In this case, the Cell Phone Jammer can effectively shield the entire field.
  7. If any of the mobile phones display a signal, try making a call to the network operator’s customer service hotline or use mobile data to browse the internet. If the phone does not respond or experiences a prolonged delay, repeat the operation until the phone shows no signal or the signal is restored.
  8. If the phone can make calls or access the internet, move the phone closer to the Cell Phone Jammer and repeat the previous steps to test the shielding effect.
  9. Repeat the process until the phone is unable to make calls or access the internet, or the phone displays no signal. This will determine the range of the Cell Phone Jammer’s shielding effect on a specific network operator’s signal, which can then be used to determine the number of jammers required for the field.

Enhancing Shielding Effect:

If the mobile signal in the field is strong and a low-power Cell Phone Jammer cannot completely block a specific network operator’s signal, a high-power shielding module can be used to target the frequency band that the jammer cannot block. To determine the frequency band that the Cell Phone Jammer cannot block, download the Cellular-Z mobile app on an Android phone. With the Cell Phone Jammer turned on, open the app and take a screenshot. Send the screenshot to the manufacturer of the jammer, who can then identify the frequency band that the jammer cannot block. This will enable effective shielding of the mobile signals in the field.


Testing the shielding effect of Cell Phone Jammers in the field is crucial to determine their installation location and quantity. By following the testing procedure and considering the strength of the mobile signal, the appropriate Cell Phone Jammer can be selected to ensure effective signal blocking in the desired area.