Interference of Campus Broadcasting System Caused by Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Cell phone signal jammers are devices that emit white noise signals with a starting frequency of 800MHz or higher. However, the signal used by campus broadcasting systems is from a different frequency range. It has been observed that in some schools where cell phone signal jammers are installed, there is interference with the campus radio in certain areas of the classrooms. This article aims to explore the reasons behind this interference.

Reasons for Interference:

One possible reason for this interference is the distance between the classroom and the campus broadcasting antenna. As the broadcast signal propagates to the classroom, it experiences signal attenuation. When the cell phone signal jammer is activated, it elevates the bottom noise of the wireless signal to varying degrees. This bottom noise then overwhelms the broadcast signal, resulting in interference with the campus broadcasting system.


In conclusion, the interference of the campus broadcasting system caused by cell phone signal jammers can be attributed to the distance between the classroom and the broadcasting antenna. As the signal travels, it weakens, and when the jammer is activated, it amplifies the noise, drowning out the broadcast signal. It is important for schools to consider these factors when installing cell phone signal jammers to minimize interference with other communication systems on campus.