Installation of Cell Phone Jammer for a 1000 Square Meter Venue

Ensuring a Quiet and Orderly Environment for Meetings

In order to maintain a quiet and orderly environment during meetings, a client has requested the installation of a Cell Phone Jammer in a venue of approximately 1000 square meters. The dimensions of the venue are approximately 40 meters in length and width, with a height of 20 meters. This article will explore the considerations and options for installing a Cell Phone Jammer in such a venue.

Power Supply and Installation:

Firstly, it is important to note that Cell Phone Jammers require a 220V AC power supply when in operation. This means that the installation of the jammer can only be done on the walls surrounding the venue or in the overhead space. Careful consideration should be given to the positioning of the jammer to ensure optimal coverage and effectiveness.

Coverage Range:

Next, let us discuss the coverage range of Cell Phone Jammers. Typically, low-power jammers (with a power of 2-3W per frequency band) have an effective coverage range of 5-15 meters radius. To achieve complete coverage, multiple low-power jammers can be installed along the walls of the venue, approximately 10 meters apart. This network of jammers forms a cellular coverage pattern, ensuring comprehensive signal blocking. However, this method requires a relatively large number of low-power jammers, approximately 8-12 units.

Alternative Solution:

Alternatively, a medium-power Cell Phone Jammer, such as our SMa-818K90 model, can be considered. This model offers an output power of 10-20W per frequency band, providing an effective coverage range of 20-40 meters. By estimating the venue size, it is projected that 2-3 units of this medium-power jammer would be sufficient to achieve complete signal blocking.


In conclusion, the installation of a Cell Phone Jammer in a 1000 square meter venue requires careful consideration of power supply and positioning. While multiple low-power jammers can be used to achieve complete coverage, an alternative solution is to opt for a medium-power jammer, which offers a wider coverage range. Ultimately, the final choice should be based on the specific requirements and preferences of the client.