Installation Guidelines for Prison Signal Jammers

Ensuring Effective Signal Blocking in Correctional Facilities

Prison signal jammers are innovative information security devices that create a shielded area in designated locations using specific electromagnetic signals. These devices prevent mobile phones from receiving data from base stations, effectively severing their connection. To ensure the optimal installation of prison signal jammers, several key factors need to be considered.

1. Understanding the Direction of Base Stations:

Before installing a prison signal jammer, it is crucial to determine the direction of nearby base stations. Aligning the jammer’s direction with that of the base station enhances its effectiveness.

2. Avoiding Signal Reflection:

During the installation process, it is important to check for any surrounding metallic objects that may cause signal reflection, potentially compromising the jammer’s blocking capabilities.

3. Ideal Mounting Height and Placement:

The recommended installation height for prison signal jammers is approximately 1.8-2 meters. They can be placed directly on tables, walls, or mounted on ceilings. For optimal performance, the antenna should be positioned perpendicular to the ground.

4. Consideration of Indoor Signal Amplifiers:

When installing a prison signal jammer indoors, it is essential to check for the presence of indoor signal amplifiers or boosters. If such devices are present, they may interfere with the jammer’s functionality, making it unsuitable for installation.

5. Understanding Signal Strength at the Site:

Understanding the signal strength at the installation site is crucial for designing an effective installation plan. Since various signals with different strengths coexist in any given environment, having this knowledge allows for targeted installation of prison signal jammers.

6. Tailoring Signal Combinations:

Based on the findings from site surveys, it is important to select and combine different signals appropriately to achieve the most optimal state of signal blocking.


Proper installation of prison signal jammers is essential to ensure the effective blocking of unauthorized communication within correctional facilities. By following the guidelines mentioned above, correctional authorities can enhance security measures and maintain a controlled environment within the premises.