Installation Considerations for Cell Phone Signal Jammers on Ships

1. Targeting Internal or External Phones

Before installing a cell phone signal jammer on a ship, it is crucial to determine whether the target phones are located inside the ship or within a certain range around the ship’s hull. If the target phones are only inside the ship, the implementation of the project becomes relatively easier. In this case, a low-power cell phone signal jammer can be used. However, attention should be given to waterproofing, moisture prevention, and ventilation during the installation process.

2. Installation Considerations for Internal Phones

For targeting internal phones, a conventional low-power cell phone signal jammer is sufficient. However, it is important to ensure proper waterproofing, moisture prevention, and ventilation during the installation process.

3. Installation Considerations for External Phones

If the target phones are located outside the ship and a certain coverage range is required, several factors need to be considered. These include the use of a high-power cell phone signal jammer, selecting an appropriate installation location for the device’s main unit, ensuring that the main unit is waterproof, salt-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and determining the optimal placement of the device’s antenna for maximum coverage. It is also recommended to install a dedicated fiberglass protective cover for the antenna to provide additional protection. Additionally, proper lightning protection measures should be implemented around the antenna.

4. Additional Considerations for Large Ships

For large ships, it may be necessary to install cell phone signal jammers in both the front and rear sections of the ship to achieve comprehensive coverage.

5. Frequency Configuration for International Travel

If the ship frequently travels across seas and countries, it is essential to plan the configuration of the cell phone signal jammer’s frequency bands in advance. This is because different countries have varying frequency parameters.


Installing cell phone signal jammers on ships requires careful consideration of various factors, including the target phones’ location, the type of ship, and the need for international frequency configuration. By following these guidelines, ship operators can effectively prevent unauthorized cell phone usage and ensure the security and confidentiality of their operations.