Increasing the Coverage Range of Portable Signal Jammers

Portable signal jammers have become popular tools for individuals and organizations to protect their privacy and security. However, some customers have reported that they feel the coverage range of the signal jammer is somewhat limited. Additionally, they have noticed variations in the jamming distance when changing working environments. This article aims to address these concerns and provide solutions to increase the coverage range of portable signal jammers.

Factors Affecting Coverage Range:

The transmission power of portable signal jammers is fixed, meaning the intensity of the jamming signal remains relatively stable. However, several factors in different environments can influence the coverage range. These factors include the proximity of base stations, obstacles such as buildings or walls, and other environmental variables. These factors directly impact the effective jamming distance of the signal.

Optimizing Placement:

The placement of the portable signal jammer is crucial in maximizing its coverage range. The main unit of the jammer has a height of approximately 70cm, with the antenna directly attached to it. If the jammer is placed directly on the ground, the height of the antenna from the ground will generally not exceed 1 meter. To enhance the coverage range, the simplest solution is to increase the height of the antenna from the ground. By doing so, the effective jamming distance will significantly increase.

Increasing Antenna Height:

There are several ways to increase the height of the antenna. We recommend users to first observe the terrain and topography of the site and choose the highest point available to place the portable signal jammer. Alternatively, users can utilize objects such as tables, steps, or buildings to elevate the jammer and increase the height of the antenna.

Using Antenna Mounts:

Another option is to use antenna mounts provided by our company. These mounts allow users to connect the antenna of the portable signal jammer to the main unit using a 3-meter long cable. The antenna can then be installed on the mount, which can elevate it to a height of 3 meters. This customized antenna mount solution provides an effective way to increase the coverage range of the signal jammer.


To maximize the coverage range of portable signal jammers, it is essential to consider the environmental factors that can affect the jamming distance. By optimizing the placement and increasing the height of the antenna, users can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the signal jammer. Additionally, utilizing antenna mounts can provide a convenient solution for elevating the antenna to achieve a larger coverage range. With these strategies, users can ensure the efficient and reliable operation of their portable signal jammers in various working environments.