How to Choose the Right Signal Blocker for Your Needs

With the development of communication networks, Signal Blockers have become indispensable interference devices in places such as schools for admissions and examination classrooms. There are many types of Signal Blockers available on the market. So, how do you choose the right Signal Blocker for your specific environment?

Title: Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Signal Blocker


  1. Power and Configuration
  2. Interference Requirements
  3. Advantages of 5G Frequency Jammers
  4. Placement for Optimal Performance

1. Power and Configuration:

For example, Signal Blockers used in high school examination rooms, which are typically purchased by the government, are usually standard jammers with power ranging from several watts to tens of watts. These jammers are placed in each examination room for interference purposes. Depending on the user’s requirements, these specialized jammers need to be configured with different interference frequency bands. Therefore, it is crucial to understand whether you want to interfere with only mobile phone signals, wireless signals, or all frequency bands. Keep in mind that the more frequency bands a Signal Blocker is configured with, the higher its price will be. Users should consider their specific interference needs for each occasion and choose the appropriate Signal Blocker accordingly.

2. Interference Requirements:

When purchasing a Signal Blocker, it is important to determine the specific interference requirements. For instance, government procurement for high school examination rooms usually involves interfering with mobile phone signals. However, some users may require interference with wireless signals as well. Understanding these requirements will help in selecting the most suitable Signal Blocker.

3. Advantages of 5G Frequency Jammers:

The addition of 5G frequency bands to Signal Blockers has addressed the limitations of other products that cannot interfere with the 5G frequency band. Moreover, the interference effect of 5G frequency jammers is superior to other similar products. These jammers offer stronger interference capabilities and more stable performance. By preventing communication devices from leaking information, Signal Blockers ensure the security of sensitive data. Therefore, our Signal Blocker has gained recognition and acceptance from customers.

4. Placement for Optimal Performance:

A helpful tip when using a Signal Blocker is to place it at an appropriate height in the center of the area. This positioning allows the jammer to maximize its interference effect.


When purchasing a Signal Blocker, it is essential to consider factors such as power and configuration, interference requirements, and the advantages of 5G frequency jammers. By understanding these aspects and placing the jammer correctly, users can ensure optimal performance and maintain the security of their information.