Enhancing Signal Blocking Efficiency in a 1000 Square Meter Conference Room

Effective Solutions for Improving Signal Blocking Performance

In today’s digital age, the need for uninterrupted communication has become paramount. However, there are instances where signal interference can disrupt important meetings and conferences. This article aims to address the issue of ineffective signal blocking in a 1000 square meter conference room and provide potential solutions to enhance signal blocking efficiency.

Problem Statement:

The client has installed four low-power Cell Phone Jammers in their conference room, but unfortunately, the results have been unsatisfactory. They are seeking guidance on how to resolve this issue and improve the effectiveness of signal blocking.

Solution 1: Upgrading to Higher Power Cell Phone Jammers

One possible solution is to replace the existing low-power Cell Phone Jammers with higher power alternatives. By doing so, the signal blocking range and strength can be significantly increased, ensuring a more efficient and reliable signal blocking experience within the conference room.

Solution 2: Customizing High-Power Signal Blocking Modules

Another approach involves utilizing a spectrum analyzer or dedicated software on a mobile device to identify the working frequency bands of the distributed antenna system (DAS) within the conference room. Based on this information, customized high-power mobile signal blocking modules, such as the SMa-818K90 model, can be tailored specifically to target and block signals within those frequency bands. This targeted approach ensures optimal signal blocking performance while minimizing interference with other wireless devices.

Solution 3: Analyzing Working Frequency Bands

In addition to the previous solution, it is recommended to use a spectrum analyzer or dedicated software on a mobile device to further analyze the working frequency bands of the DAS within the conference room. This step helps to identify any potential overlaps or inconsistencies in the frequency bands, allowing for adjustments to be made accordingly. By fine-tuning the signal blocking modules to align with the precise working frequency bands, the overall signal blocking efficiency can be significantly improved.


In conclusion, the issue of ineffective signal blocking in a 1000 square meter conference room can be resolved by implementing appropriate solutions. Upgrading to higher power Cell Phone Jammers, customizing high-power signal blocking modules based on working frequency bands, and analyzing and adjusting the frequency bands can all contribute to enhancing signal blocking efficiency. By implementing these solutions, the client can ensure uninterrupted communication during important meetings and conferences, creating a more productive and efficient environment.