Effective Management of Radio Equipment in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province

Promoting Public Awareness and Ensuring Efficient Radio Management

The number of registered radio equipment in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province has increased exponentially, reaching over 900,000 units by the first half of 2014. This represents a growth of over ten thousand times compared to when the radio management agency was established in 1986. With such a vast number of stations and an increasingly complex electromagnetic environment, radio management workers face the challenge of developing annual and monthly work plans while also possessing a proactive mindset to prepare and act in advance.

Promoting Public Awareness

Xinyu City’s radio management bureau places great emphasis on conducting scientific publicity campaigns to educate the public about the importance of radio management. One example of effective management is the regulation of full-band shielding devices. In previous years, incidents of interference caused by these devices were frequent. The radio management bureau actively coordinated with various departments, and the municipal government issued specific regulations on the use of full-band shielding devices, requiring all users to register with the city’s radio management bureau. However, the results were not significant.

Recent Initiatives

In recent years, with the increasing number of tasks related to exam security, the staff of the radio management bureau in Xinyu City seized the opportunity to actively promote radio awareness. They provided comprehensive explanations on the characteristics of radio, the occurrence and investigation of interference, and the working principles of full-band shielding devices. Through storytelling and a subtle approach, they successfully helped leaders and the public understand the working principles of full-band shielding devices, the dangers of electromagnetic interference, and the importance of radio management.

Effective Management Practices

The Xinyu City People’s Insurance Bureau, when replacing full-band shielding devices in early 2013, proactively approached the radio management bureau to request testing of equipment samples. They also expressed their commitment to purchasing only products that had been tested and approved. The Education Bureau of the city held a special meeting on the use of full-band shielding devices, requiring all schools to register their existing devices with the radio management bureau and undergo testing and approval before purchasing new ones. As a result, the radio management bureau has not received any complaints related to interference caused by full-band shielding devices in the past two years.


In today’s rapidly advancing technological era, the radio management industry is experiencing rapid growth. By demonstrating a sense of responsibility, proactive thinking, and a focus on both the big picture and the details, radio management workers can achieve consistent and fruitful results. The effective management practices in Xinyu City, such as promoting public awareness and ensuring compliance with regulations, serve as an example for other regions to follow.