Concealed Installation Methods for Conference Room Mobile Phone Jammers

Ensuring Discreet Installation of Signal Blocking Devices

When it comes to installing conference room mobile phone jammers, many customers express their concern about how to achieve discreet installation. They want to ensure that participants entering the meeting room do not easily discover the presence of signal blocking devices. To address this concern, there are several methods available. Based on accumulated installation experience from numerous customers, we have summarized and categorized the following commonly used concealed installation methods for conference room mobile phone jammers.

  1. Installation in the Ceiling:

    One method involves installing the jamming device inside the ceiling of the conference room. This typically requires a ceiling with removable panels that are not made of metal.

  2. Concealed Cabinets in the Surrounding Walls:

    If the conference room’s surrounding walls have concealed cabinets with adequate ventilation, these cabinets can be used to install the mobile phone jammer discreetly.

  3. Storage Cabinets in Equipment Rooms or Corners:

    Storage cabinets in equipment rooms or corners can also serve as concealed installation locations for conference room mobile phone jammers. It is important to ensure proper ventilation in these areas and avoid using metal materials that could interfere with signal transmission.

  4. Utilizing Wooden Speakers:

    In some conference rooms, wooden speakers are hung on the sides. By selecting specific speakers and removing internal audio components, they can be used for hidden installation of mobile phone jammers.

  5. Empty Spaces in Large Furniture:

    If there are large conference tables, podiums, or lecterns made of wood with empty spaces or cabinets, these can also be used to install mobile phone jamming devices.

Additional Considerations:

  1. Power Supply:

    Mobile phone jammers require power, so when arranging the power supply, it is essential to consider the rationality and safety of the electrical wiring.

  2. Ventilation:

    Mobile phone jammers generate considerable heat during prolonged operation. Therefore, they should never be installed in small enclosed spaces. It is crucial to ensure that the installation location has proper ventilation.

  3. Non-Metallic Materials:

    Objects or materials used to conceal or block the jamming device should not be made of metal mesh or metal plates, as this can significantly attenuate signal transmission.

  4. Interference with Wireless Devices:

    Existing wireless microphones or audio systems in the conference room may experience some interference if they are in close proximity to the mobile phone jammer. It is recommended to maintain a safe distance of at least 2 meters between the two.


By following these concealed installation methods and considering the additional points mentioned, conference room mobile phone jammers can be installed discreetly without compromising their effectiveness. It is crucial to choose the most suitable method based on the specific requirements and characteristics of each conference room.