Choosing the Right Electronic Jammer to Curb Excessive Screen Time for Children

A Guide for Parents Concerned About Their Children’s Addiction to Online Gaming

In recent times, we have received numerous inquiries from concerned parents seeking advice on purchasing a suitable electronic jammer to disrupt their children’s excessive indulgence in online gaming. With the end of the academic term approaching, parents are eager to ensure that their children prioritize their studies instead of wasting excessive time on mobile games. However, they are also worried that forcefully confiscating their children’s phones may lead to rebellious behavior and counterproductive outcomes.

To address this issue, parents have come up with the idea of discreetly blocking the mobile signals, including Wi-Fi networks, of online games without their children’s knowledge. This would allow them to break free from the grip of online gaming and focus on their studies. But which electronic jammer is the most suitable for this scenario? As manufacturers, we cannot recommend the conventional models used in school examination halls to parents for two reasons. Firstly, these devices have slightly higher transmission power, which often exceeds the range required for a typical household, potentially affecting neighboring households. Secondly, the appearance and size of these exam hall jammers are relatively large and conspicuous, making them unsuitable for home use.

Therefore, in such situations, we recommend that parents opt for our handheld electronic jammer, such as the “SMa-818S12” model. This device can simultaneously block signals on 12 channels. It is comparable in size to a regular walkie-talkie, lightweight, and equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery. It can be powered by the battery alone or used while charging. The advantage of this type of electronic jammer lies in its ease of concealment. It can be placed in a bag or hidden in various corners without being easily detected.

By choosing the right electronic jammer, parents can effectively limit their children’s screen time and redirect their focus towards academic pursuits. It is important to strike a balance between technology usage and educational priorities, ensuring that children develop healthy habits and achieve their full potential.