Can Our Signal Jammer Block Surveillance Cameras?

In recent times, we have been receiving numerous inquiries from customers who want to purchase a suitable Signal Jammer from us. Their purpose is quite clear – to block surveillance cameras. Typically, when faced with such requests, we outright refuse. However, this raises the question: Can our Signal Jammers not block surveillance cameras? As a professional manufacturer of Signal Jammers, we would like to clarify our stance on this matter.

Our Stance:

First and foremost, if anyone intends to use our Signal Jammers for illegal activities or malicious purposes, we strongly oppose and refuse to sell to them. Therefore, when customers inquire about our Signal Jammers, we become alert if their responses to questions about their intended use and functional requirements are delayed or intentionally evasive.

Reasons for Refusal:

The reason we refuse to cater to such demands is twofold. Firstly, some individuals have impure intentions when using Signal Jammers, and they lack an understanding of the technical parameters of the surveillance cameras they wish to block. Therefore, we cannot accommodate such requests. Secondly, our Signal Jammers can only block surveillance cameras that operate on wireless transmission, not those that rely on wired transmission. This distinction is crucial.

Differentiating Camera Modes:

Surveillance cameras can transmit data through either wired or wireless means. Our Signal Jammers can only block surveillance cameras that rely on wireless transmission. For cameras that use wired transmission, our jammers are ineffective. It is important to note that if a surveillance camera has built-in data storage capabilities, even if the wireless data transmission is interrupted by our signal jammer, the stored monitoring data can still be transmitted once the jammer is turned off and wireless data transmission is restored.


In conclusion, our Signal Jammers are not designed to block surveillance cameras used for illegal activities or malicious purposes. We prioritize the responsible and ethical use of our products. It is essential to understand the technical parameters and modes of operation of the surveillance cameras in question before considering the use of a Signal Jammer. As a professional manufacturer, we firmly stand against any misuse of our products and will continue to refuse sales to individuals with suspicious intentions.