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The Use of Signal Jammers in Mexico: Laws and Regulations in Effect


Mexico is a North American country with a population of over 130 million people. The country is known for its historical cities, beautiful beaches, rich culture, and delicious cuisine. Like many countries around the world, Mexico has adopted laws and regulations to govern the use of signal jammers.

Laws and Regulations regarding Signal Jammers in Mexico

In Mexico, the use of signal jammers is prohibited except for authorized security agencies and law enforcement. This prohibition is based on Article 190 of the Federal Telecommunications Law and the decree of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) published on January 26, 2017. Signal jammers can disrupt communication signals of emergency services, airplanes, trains, ships, mobile phones, and other communication devices. This can endanger people's lives, which is why their use is strictly regulated.

Regulatory Agencies governing the use of Signal Jammers in Mexico

The IFT is the regulatory agency responsible for governing the use of signal jammers in Mexico. The IFT is an independent government organization that was established in 2013 to regulate telecommunications, broadcasting, and competition in these sectors.

How to Obtain Legal Authorization to use a Signal Jammer in the Country

It is prohibited for ordinary citizens to use signal jammers in Mexico. However, security agencies and law enforcement can use signal jammers after obtaining legal authorization from the IFT. Authorization is granted if the IFT is convinced that the use of signal jammers is necessary to protect people's safety or to ensure public security.

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