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The Signal Jammer in Gambia


Gambia is a small country in West Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. It is entirely surrounded by Senegal's territory, except for its coastline. Gambia is known for its cultural diversity, wildlife, flora, and strong Muslim presence.

Illegal Use of Signal Jammers

Regarding the legal status of signal jammers in Gambia, their use is illegal. According to Gambia's Telecommunications Act of 2009, importing, possessing, and using signal jammers can lead to criminal prosecution. This law was implemented to preserve the integrity of the electromagnetic spectrum and prevent interference with telecommunications networks.

Exceptions for National Security or Defense

However, there are exceptions in circumstances where the use of a signal jammer may be authorized. The Minister of Telecommunications can grant a special authorization to an individual or organization to use a signal jammer for purposes of national security or defense.

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