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The legal question of signal jammers in Samoa: laws, regulations, and permits


Located in Oceania, the Independent State of Samoa is composed of two main islands and several islets. While its economy primarily relies on agriculture and tourism, the country is also experiencing growth in the information and communication technology industry. However, the issue of signal jammer usage arises in this context. What are the laws and regulations in place regarding this matter in the country?

Current Laws and Regulations

In Samoa, the use of signal jammers is governed by the Radiocommunications Act of 2011. This law prohibits the use of any unauthorized or uncertified radiocommunication equipment. Signal jammers fall under this category, making their use illegal. Anyone found guilty of using a signal jammer without authorization may be subject to fines and imprisonment for up to three years.

Regulatory Authority

The regulatory authority responsible for overseeing the use of signal jammers in Samoa is the Office of Communications Regulation of Samoa (OFCOM). This authority's mission is to ensure compliance with the Radiocommunications Act of 2011 by regulating the use of radio communication frequencies and issuing usage licenses to radio communication service operators.

How to Obtain Legal Authorization to Use a Signal Jammer

In Samoa, it is possible to obtain legal authorization to use a signal jammer from OFCOM. However, authorization is only granted in specific situations, such as public safety or national defense. Applicants must complete an application form and provide detailed information about the intended use of the signal jammer. OFCOM will then evaluate the application and determine if the proposed use complies with the Radiocommunications Act of 2011.

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