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Swiss Laws on the Use of Signal Jammers


Switzerland is a country located in Central Europe and is known for its thriving economy, picturesque mountains, and cosmopolitan cities. The country is also renowned for being a global leader in the fields of technology and innovation. However, the use of signal jammers in the country is strictly regulated by laws and regulations in force.

Laws and regulations concerning signal jammers in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the use of signal jammers is considered illegal under the 1997 Telecommunications Act. This law prohibits the use of any equipment that may cause harmful interference to authorized telecommunications services. Signal jammers are considered such equipment as they can disrupt signals from mobile phones, radios, GPS, and other communication signals.

Regulatory bodies

The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) is the Swiss regulatory body responsible for overseeing the use of communication equipment. OFCOM is also responsible for enforcing the 1997 Telecommunications Act regarding the use of signal jammers.

Legal authorization to use a signal jammer

In Switzerland, the use of signal jammers is prohibited for individuals and businesses, except in very specific situations where special authorization has been granted by OFCOM. For example, the use of signal jammers is authorized for law enforcement and security services to prevent communication during an emergency intervention. In such cases, OFCOM must give its authorization before the use of the signal jammer.

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