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Signal jammers in North Korea: Laws and regulations in force

North Korea

North Korea, also known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a state located in East Asia. The country is considered one of the most closed and isolated in the world, and is governed by a single-party communist regime. North Korea has a limited communication system, controlled by the state, and the use of signal jammers is closely regulated.

Laws and Regulations in Force

In North Korea, the use of signal jammers is regulated by the 2002 Telecommunications Law. According to this law, the use of signal jammers is strictly prohibited unless prior authorization is obtained from the competent regulatory body. The Communications Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is the regulatory body that oversees communications in the country and is responsible for granting authorizations for the use of signal jammers. Signal jammers can only be used by the state security forces or government institutions, and their use is strictly limited to national security activities.

Effective Date

The 2002 Telecommunications Law came into effect on January 1, 2003, and since then, the use of signal jammers has been strictly regulated.

How to Obtain Legal Authorization to Use a Signal Jammer in North Korea

Anyone or organization wishing to use a signal jammer in North Korea must obtain prior authorization from the Communications Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Authorization can only be granted for reasons of national security or specific government activities.

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