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Signal Jammers in Kazakhstan: Legal Regulations


Kazakhstan, located in Central Asia, is a developing country with a rapidly growing economy. The country is also known for its authoritarian government that exercises strict control over the lives of its citizens, including the use of communication technologies. Signal jammers are devices that prevent wireless communication by blocking mobile phone signals, GPS signals, and other technologies. They can be used for various purposes, but their use is regulated by law.

Laws and Regulations

The use of signal jammers is regulated by Kazakh law. In 2016, the government passed a law that prohibits the production, sale, importation, and use of signal jammers without prior authorization. According to the law, only government agencies and authorized businesses can use signal jammers.

Regulatory Agencies

The Ministry of Information and Communications is the regulatory agency responsible for regulating the use of signal jammers in Kazakhstan. The ministry issues licenses for the use of signal jammers and is responsible for law enforcement.

How to Obtain Legal Authorization

Companies and government agencies that wish to use signal jammers must apply for authorization from the Ministry of Information and Communications. The application must include information about the reasons for using signal jammers, the specific devices to be used, the locations where they will be used, and the periods of usage. The ministry can grant authorization for a maximum period of three years.

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