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Signal Jammers in Eritrea


Located in East Africa, Eritrea is a country that gained its independence in 1993. The country is governed by an authoritarian regime, and civil liberties are limited. In terms of telecommunications, Eritrea is subject to strict rules and state controls. In this context, the use of signal jammers is regulated by laws and regulations.

Laws and regulations in effect

In Eritrea, the use of signal jammers is subject to government authorization. Indeed, Article 9 of the 2001 Telecommunications Regulations stipulates that the use of any telecommunications equipment, including signal jammers, must be authorized by the Eritrean Communications Authority (ECA). The ECA is the regulatory body that oversees the use of signal jammers and any other telecommunications equipment in Eritrea. According to Article 11 of the 2001 regulations, the ECA may grant authorization for a maximum period of three months, renewable for an additional three-month period. It should be noted that the use of signal jammers without authorization is subject to criminal penalties. Indeed, Article 102 of the Eritrean Telecommunications Law states that anyone who uses telecommunications equipment without authorization from the ECA commits a criminal offense and is liable to a fine or imprisonment.

Effective date of laws and regulations

The 2001 Telecommunications Regulations and the Eritrean Telecommunications Law were adopted in 2001 and came into effect the same year. Since then, these legislative texts have governed the use of signal jammers and any other telecommunications equipment in Eritrea.

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