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Legal Regulation of Signal Jammers in Cambodia


Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country known for its cultural and historical heritage. As a developing country, Cambodia faces numerous challenges, including the regulation of emerging technologies. Signal jammers are one such technology, and their use can be detrimental to public safety.

Laws and Regulations

The regulation of signal jammer usage is governed by Cambodia's 2015 Telecommunications Law. According to this law, the use of signal jammers is illegal unless expressly authorized by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. This authorization can only be granted to government authorities, armed forces, security services, and regulatory bodies.

Effective Date

The 2015 Cambodia Telecommunications Law came into effect on December 29, 2015. Since that date, the unauthorized use of signal jammers is considered an offense punishable by criminal penalties.

Regulatory Bodies

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is the regulatory body responsible for the management and regulation of telecommunications in Cambodia. It is responsible for issuing authorizations for the use of signal jammers and enforcing telecommunications laws in the country.

Obtaining Legal Authorization

To obtain legal authorization for using a signal jammer in Cambodia, a written application must be submitted to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, providing compelling justifications and information about the intended period of usage. The application will be reviewed, and a decision will be made based on security needs and the impact on communication networks.

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