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Legal regulation of signal jammers in Burundi


Burundi is a small landlocked country in East Africa, located between Rwanda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The country has a population of approximately 12 million people and is a member of the East African Community. In terms of telecommunications, Burundi has a relatively underdeveloped industry, but mobile communications have experienced rapid growth in recent years.

Legislation on signal jammers

Regarding signal jammers, Burundi enacted a law in 2016 that prohibits the use, sale, distribution, possession, or importation of any signal jamming equipment without prior authorization. This law was passed to protect the country's communication systems and combat criminal activities such as theft and smuggling.

Regulatory bodies

Burundi has a telecommunications regulator called the Regulatory Authority for Communications and Telecommunications (ARCT). The ARCT is responsible for regulating all telecommunications activities, including the use of signal jammers. All authorization requests for the use of signal jammers must be submitted to the ARCT for review.

Obtaining authorization

To obtain legal authorization to use a signal jammer in Burundi, it is necessary to submit an application to the ARCT, providing detailed information about the type of equipment, the purpose of use, the duration of use, as well as the technical specifications and frequency of the equipment. The ARCT will then review the application and provide a positive or negative response based on the relevance of using the signal jammer.

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