Using a Mobile Phone Signal Blocker: No Need to Worry About Radiation Hazards

Mobile phone signal blockers, also known as phone jammers, are devices that emit signals to disrupt mobile phone communication. Concerns have been raised regarding the potential radiation hazards associated with these devices. This article aims to address these concerns and provide an understanding of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phone signal blockers.

Understanding the Working Principle:

Similar to mobile phones, mobile phone signal blockers emit electromagnetic signals, which indeed have a certain level of electromagnetic radiation. The working principle of these blockers is similar to that of mobile phones. They utilize chips that emit electromagnetic signals. Therefore, like mobile phones, they also generate a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation. The level of radiation emitted depends on the duration of usage and individual health conditions.

National Standards for Electromagnetic Radiation:

It is important to note that national standards exist to regulate the intensity of electromagnetic radiation. The National Environmental Protection Agency updated the “Limits for Electromagnetic Environment Control” (GB8702-2014) in 2014, which sets the maximum permissible exposure limits for electromagnetic radiation. According to this national standard, the average electromagnetic radiation intensity for the general public should not exceed 0.4W/㎡. For high-power mobile phone signal blockers with interference module transmission power exceeding 50W, the electromagnetic radiation levels are relatively higher. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a greater distance from these devices to ensure safety within the electromagnetic radiation range.


In conclusion, concerns regarding the radiation hazards associated with mobile phone signal blockers can be addressed by understanding the working principle and adhering to national standards for electromagnetic radiation. While these devices do emit electromagnetic radiation, it is important to note that the levels can be regulated and controlled. By following the recommended safety guidelines and maintaining a safe distance, the use of mobile phone signal blockers can be considered safe and effective in various situations.