Upgrading to 5G Signal Blockers: A Quick Solution for Existing Customers

In recent times, we have received inquiries from some of our long-standing customers regarding the models of signal blockers they purchased from our company several years ago. To address their concerns, we are pleased to offer a quick and efficient solution for upgrading to 5G signal blockers. By utilizing our newly developed SMa-818K90 medium-power 5G signal blocker modules, customers can continue using their existing signal blockers while effectively blocking mobile phone signals. This article will outline the benefits and features of these modules, as well as the cost-saving advantages they offer.

Maintaining Signal Blocking Efficiency:

Customers who have previously purchased our signal blockers can continue to utilize their existing models to maintain their signal blocking efficiency. However, with the introduction of 5G technology, these older models may lack the capability to block signals within the 5G frequency range. To address this issue, customers can simply add 2-3 of our SMa-818K90 medium-power 5G signal blocker modules, which have been recently developed and produced by our company. These modules are specifically designed to block only the 5G frequency range, allowing customers to seamlessly upgrade their signal blockers without compromising their existing functionality.

Versatile and Independent Usage:

The SMa-818K90 5G signal blocker modules offer a high degree of versatility and independence. They can be easily combined and assembled to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Additionally, these modules can operate independently, providing customers with the flexibility to customize their signal blocking solutions according to their needs. Furthermore, the modules are equipped with their own power supply, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient signal blocking performance.

Considerations for Power Output:

It is important to note that the individual power output of the 5G signal blocker modules is 10-20W, which is higher than the power output of previous models (2-3W). As a result, customers can reduce the number of additional 5G signal blockers required, thereby saving costs. This approach not only addresses the challenge of blocking 5G mobile phone signals but also provides a cost-effective solution for our valued customers.


With the rapid advancement of 5G technology, it is crucial for customers to upgrade their signal blockers to effectively block signals within the 5G frequency range. By utilizing our SMa-818K90 medium-power 5G signal blocker modules, customers can seamlessly integrate these modules with their existing signal blockers, ensuring continued signal blocking efficiency. The versatility, independence, and cost-saving advantages of these modules make them an ideal choice for customers seeking a quick and efficient solution to the challenges posed by 5G signal blocking.