Determining Compatibility and Upgrade Options

Compatibility Check

If you have previously purchased a low-power mobile signal blocker, such as the SMa-818B model, it is advisable to contact our company to confirm the model of the internal heat sink. Mobile signal blockers manufactured after 2017 can accommodate up to 12 modules, compared to the original 8 modules. This additional space allows for the installation of 4G or 5G signal blocking modules, effectively upgrading the device to a 5G blocker.

High-Power Models

For customers who have purchased high-power mobile signal blockers, it is essential to verify the model of the device with our company. Some high-power models have internal space available to accommodate 5G signal blocking modules. However, it is important to note that certain high-power models may require additional configuration, such as a separate chassis, to support 5G frequencies.

Consultation and Upgrade Process

To determine the upgrade options for your mobile signal blocker, we recommend contacting our company directly. Our technical team will assess the compatibility of your device and provide guidance on the necessary steps to upgrade it to a 5G blocker. This may involve replacing the internal heat sink, adding signal blocking modules, or configuring a separate chassis, depending on the model and manufacturing year.


As the world transitions to 5G networks, it is crucial for customers to ensure their mobile signal blockers are compatible with the latest technology. By contacting our company and verifying the model and manufacturing year of your device, you can determine if an upgrade to a 5G blocker is possible. Our team of experts will guide you through the upgrade process, ensuring your mobile signal blocker remains effective in blocking unwanted signals in the 5G era.