Upgrading and Maintaining Old Signal Jammers for 5G Phones

With the widespread adoption and application of 5G smartphones in recent years, customers in need of full-band signal jammers are faced with a dilemma. Do they need to upgrade their signal jammers to block signals from all 5G phones? As a manufacturer, we often receive inquiries from customers asking how to maintain and upgrade their old signal jammers. We understand that these customers are looking to save costs and we encourage this mindset. In fact, some old signal jammers can be upgraded to meet current needs. This article will provide guidance on how to upgrade and maintain old signal jammers for 5G phones.

Confirm the Feasibility:

Customers should first confirm whether their old signal jammers are still available for purchase, what model they are, and where they were manufactured. If necessary, they should contact the original manufacturer to inquire about the upgrade options for their specific model. Based on our experience, signal jammers purchased four to five years ago often do not have upgrade options. Most manufacturers started reserving installation space for upgrade modules only two to three years ago. If the old signal jammer does not have enough installation space, customers need not worry. As long as the old signal jammer is still functioning properly, it can still maintain its original performance and completely block 2G, 3G, and 4G signals.

Consider External Upgrades:

If the old signal jammer cannot be upgraded internally due to space limitations, customers can consider adding a dedicated full-band signal jammer for 5G frequencies next to the existing device. This will compensate for the lack of 5G signal blocking capability. However, it is important to note that this solution is generally only applicable to standalone models, where the existing device only requires an additional power supply. If the old signal jammer is a network version, integrating additional hardware for the upgrade while maintaining seamless integration with the existing network will be challenging.


Customers seeking to upgrade and maintain their old signal jammers for 5G phones have several options to consider. Confirming the feasibility of upgrading the old device and contacting the original manufacturer for information are crucial steps. If the old signal jammer cannot be upgraded internally, adding an external dedicated full-band signal jammer for 5G frequencies is a viable solution. However, customers should be aware of the compatibility challenges that may arise with network versions of the old signal jammers. By carefully considering these options, customers can effectively meet their signal blocking needs while minimizing construction costs.