Upgrading and Maintaining Old Cell Phone Jammers for 5G Compatibility

With the widespread adoption and application of 5G smartphones in recent years, customers who require mobile signal blocking face a dilemma. Do all places that require signal blocking for mobile phones also need to implement signal blocking for all 5G smartphones? As a manufacturer, we often have customers approaching us with inquiries about how to maintain and upgrade old Cell Phone Jammers. These customers are motivated by cost-saving measures and wish to minimize construction expenses. This article aims to address their concerns and provide guidance on upgrading and maintaining old Cell Phone Jammers.

Confirming Compatibility:

Customers should first confirm the availability, model, and manufacturer of their old signal blocking devices. If necessary, they should promptly contact the original manufacturer to inquire about the upgrade options for their specific model. Based on our experience, signal jammers purchased four to five years ago often lack upgrade capabilities. Most manufacturers started reserving installation space for upgrade modules only in the past two to three years. But what if the old jammer lacks sufficient installation space?

Working with Existing Devices:

Customers need not worry too much if their old Cell Phone Jammer is still functioning properly. It should at least maintain its original performance and effectively block 2G, 3G, and 4G signals. Instead of focusing on internal upgrades, customers can consider adding a dedicated 5G signal jammer next to their existing device to compensate for the missing 5G frequency band blocking capability.

Considerations for External Upgrades:

It is important to note that the aforementioned solution of adding a 5G-specific signal jammer externally to the existing device is generally applicable only to single-machine models. In other words, the original device only needs to allocate one power supply. If the original jammer is a network version, integrating additional upgraded hardware devices to maintain seamless integration with the existing network will be challenging.


For customers seeking to upgrade and maintain old Cell Phone Jammers, it is crucial to confirm the compatibility and upgrade options with the original manufacturer. While some older models may have upgrade capabilities, others may require external solutions to address the 5G frequency band blocking functionality. By understanding the available options and considering the specific requirements of their signal blocking needs, customers can make informed decisions to ensure effective signal blocking in the era of 5G smartphones.