Upgrading 4G Wireless Signal Blockers to Adapt to the Rise of 5G

As a new type of information infrastructure, 5G provides at least ten times the transmission and connectivity capacity of 4G. It has the potential to be widely applied in various fields such as autonomous driving, large-scale healthcare, industrial internet, and smart cities. This advancement is crucial for the development of the Internet of Things, the integration of big data, artificial intelligence, and the physical economy, leading to rapid technological progress. With the gradual popularity of 5G mobile networks, it becomes necessary to upgrade existing 4G wireless signal blockers in places like examination halls, conference rooms, and areas that require mobile signal shielding to keep up with the times.

The Need for Upgrading 4G Wireless Signal Blockers:

As the transmission frequency of 5G falls outside the range of 4G signal blockers, it is essential to upgrade the existing blockers to ensure effective signal shielding in places where mobile signals need to be blocked. However, until the widespread adoption of 5G signals, the current 4G wireless signal blockers can still be used without any significant impact.

Upgrading Process for 4G Wireless Signal Blockers:

The design of wireless signal blockers already takes into account the need for future upgrades. These blockers have reserved upgrade channels, allowing them to be sent back to the factory for upgrading. However, until 5G signals are widely available, users can continue to use their current wireless signal blockers without any issues.

The Advantages of Our Wireless Signal Blockers:

Our company utilizes advanced technology to develop wireless signal blockers that can effectively shield cheating devices available in the market. These blockers are designed to adapt to the continuous development of communication standards and the practical needs of mobile communication, ensuring the safety of various locations. With their integrated design, our wireless signal blockers are easy to install and use.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse User Requirements:

Due to the complexity of different environments and the varying demands of users regarding the appearance, functionality, and various indicators of wireless signal blockers, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


As 5G mobile networks gradually become more prevalent, it is crucial to upgrade existing 4G wireless signal blockers to adapt to the new transmission frequencies. While the current blockers can still be used temporarily, upgrading to 5G signal blockers will ensure effective signal shielding in places like examination halls, conference rooms, and other areas that require mobile signal blocking. Our company provides advanced wireless signal blockers that are designed to meet the evolving needs of communication technology and ensure the security of various locations.