Unified Control and Management of Meeting Room Cell Phone Jammers

Enhancing Efficiency and Security in Conference Centers

Conference centers are essential spaces for hosting various events and meetings. These centers often consist of multiple meeting rooms, which can be customized based on their size or purpose. To ensure a distraction-free environment, the installation of fixed Cell Phone Jammers in these rooms has become increasingly popular. However, managing and controlling these jammers individually can be a cumbersome task. This article explores the possibility of using a unified control software to manage and control these installed Cell Phone Jammers, along with other advanced control options.

Unified Control Software for Meeting Room Cell Phone Jammers

One innovative solution to streamline the management of installed Cell Phone Jammers in conference centers is the implementation of a unified control software. This software allows for centralized control and management of multiple jammers, based on their area or usage requirements. By utilizing this software, conference center administrators can efficiently monitor and regulate the functioning of these jammers, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted communication environment during important events.

Network-Based Controller: SMa-0512-C

For enhanced control capabilities, conference centers can opt for the network-based controller, represented by the model SMa-0512-C. This particular signal network controller not only facilitates unified control and management of branded Cell Phone Jammers but also extends its control capabilities to other brands of jammers and electrical devices. This versatility empowers conference center administrators to have comprehensive control over the communication environment, ensuring optimal efficiency and security.

Invention Patent-Control System

Another viable option for managing meeting room Cell Phone Jammers is the implementation of our company’s patented control system. This system utilizes power line carrier and wireless communication to transmit control signals, utilizing either the power lines or the air as the transmission medium. The installation of this control system is hassle-free, as it only requires a 220V AC power supply during the installation of the Cell Phone Jammers in the meeting rooms. This eliminates the need for additional wiring, making the installation process convenient and cost-effective.


Efficient management and control of Cell Phone Jammers in conference centers are crucial for maintaining a distraction-free environment during important events. The utilization of a unified control software, network-based controllers, and our company’s patented control system offers conference center administrators the ability to regulate and manage multiple jammers seamlessly. By implementing these advanced control options, conference centers can enhance efficiency, security, and overall productivity, ensuring successful and uninterrupted events.