Transforming Traditional Conference Room Signal Jammers into Portable Devices

In important meetings, conference room signal jammers are often used to prevent interference. However, if each conference room is not equipped with a signal jammer or if different conference rooms are used simultaneously, the process of transferring traditional signal jammers can become quite complicated. In such cases, it is beneficial to modify the signal jammers into portable devices, making the transfer process much more convenient.

Power Supply Considerations:

High-quality signal jammers typically use switch power supplies. To ensure a suitable power source for the signal jammer, it is necessary to select the appropriate battery based on the output parameters of the switch power supply used by the jammer. Commonly available batteries on the market may not perfectly meet these requirements. Therefore, it may be necessary to customize a battery or use a voltage stabilizing module to provide a stable power source for the signal jammer. Another option is to directly connect the battery to an inverter, which can provide a stable 200V AC power. The signal jammer can then be connected to the power adapter or switch power supply using a power cord. By employing these two methods, a regular conference room signal jammer can be transformed into a portable device. Alternatively, one can seek out manufacturers who specialize in customized signal jammers to meet specific requirements. These customized devices can be made in handheld or suitcase-style designs.

Factors Affecting Signal Jamming Range:

It is widely known that the range of a Cell Phone Jammer’s interference is influenced by two main factors. Firstly, the transmission power of the RF modules in different frequency bands of the signal jammer plays a significant role. Under the same signal strength, a higher transmission power will result in a larger shielding range for the jammer. Secondly, the signal strength in the actual usage environment is also a crucial factor. The general principle of a signal jammer’s shielding mechanism is based on power suppression through white noise. This means that the device with the highest transmission power in a specific frequency band will have the best effect. For example, if the signal strength emitted by the jammer in a particular frequency band surpasses the signal strength emitted by a base station, the mobile signals in that frequency band will be blocked. Conversely, if the jammer’s signal strength is weaker, it may not be able to block the signals effectively. Additionally, it is important to consider whether the signal jammer can meet the interference requirements of a specific conference room.


By transforming traditional conference room signal jammers into portable devices, the process of transferring and using them becomes much more convenient. The choice of power supply, whether through customized batteries or voltage stabilizing modules, ensures a stable power source for the signal jammer. Factors such as transmission power and signal strength in the usage environment determine the effectiveness and range of the signal jammer’s interference. It is crucial to consider these factors when selecting or customizing a signal jammer to meet the specific requirements of a conference room.