The Use of Cell Phone Signal Jammers in Chinese Schools

In Chinese high schools, it is common to use cell phone signal jammers during exams. While it is well-known that college students are usually prohibited from bringing their phones into the exam hall or are required to store them in designated areas, some schools even use cell phone detectors to check if students are carrying and using their phones. This year, some high schools have also adopted cell phone signal jammers to prevent students from cheating using text messages. This article will explore the use of cell phone signal jammers in Chinese schools and its impact on exam fairness.

The Use of Cell Phone Signal Jammers in High Schools:

Recently, several female students from 57 High School were discussing the use of cell phone signal jammers at the school gate after completing an end-of-term exam. They were surprised to find that their class had also been affected by the signal jammer, with no signal even in the restroom. These students, who are in their first year of high school, had previously heard about the use of cell phone signal jammers in college exams but did not expect to encounter the same situation in high school.

According to Mr. Xin, a teacher from the Youth League Committee of 57 High School, the school did indeed use cell phone signal jammers, purchasing more than ten devices in total. He mentioned that the signal jammers were mainly used in the classes of first-year and third-year students who were taking exams this week. Each class was equipped with one signal jammer.

Widespread Use of Cell Phone Signal Jammers:

During interviews, it was discovered that many schools have also implemented the use of cell phone signal jammers this year. The principal of 14 High School informed reporters that their school has seven signal jammers. Although the high school exams have not yet begun, the school plans to use the signal jammers next week to ensure fairness during the end-of-term exams. The signal jammers will not affect the school’s playground.

Impact on Exam Fairness:

The use of cell phone signal jammers in schools aims to prevent cheating during exams and maintain fairness. By blocking cell phone signals, students are unable to use their phones to access information or communicate with others. This measure ensures that all students are evaluated solely based on their knowledge and abilities, without any unfair advantages.


The use of cell phone signal jammers in Chinese schools, including high schools, has become increasingly common. These devices are employed during exams to prevent cheating and maintain fairness. While some students may find it inconvenient to be without cell phone signals during exams, the use of signal jammers ensures that all students are evaluated fairly and solely based on their own merits. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that more schools will adopt such measures to uphold the integrity of exams.