The Use of Cell Phone Jammers in High School Exams

In high schools, it is common to use Cell Phone Jammers during exams. Just like in universities, where students are often prohibited from bringing their phones into the exam hall or are required to switch them off and store them in designated areas, some high schools have also started using Cell Phone Jammers to prevent cheating through text messages. This article explores the use of Cell Phone Jammers in high school exams and its impact on students.

The Implementation of Cell Phone Jammers:

During a recent final exam at 57 High School, a group of female students were discussing the use of Cell Phone Jammers at the school gate. They were surprised to find that their class had also been affected by the signal jammer, with no signal even in the restrooms. These students, who had just entered their first year of high school, had previously heard about the use of signal jammers in university exams but did not expect to encounter them so soon. Xing, a teacher from the school’s Youth League Committee, confirmed the use of signal jammers, stating that the school had purchased over ten devices. Each class participating in the exams had been provided with one signal jammer.

Widespread Use of Cell Phone Jammers:

57 High School is not the only institution using Cell Phone Jammers during exams. 14 High School’s principal informed reporters that their school also had seven signal jammers. Although the high school exams had not yet begun, the school planned to use the jammers in the following week to ensure fairness during the final exams. The principal also mentioned that the school had used signal jammers in the previous year’s exams, primarily targeting the exam halls while leaving areas such as corridors, restrooms, and playgrounds unaffected.

Impact on Students:

The use of Cell Phone Jammers in high school exams aims to prevent cheating and maintain the integrity of the assessment process. However, it also has an impact on students. Some students expressed frustration at not being able to use their phones during breaks or emergencies. Additionally, the lack of signal in certain areas of the school premises can be inconvenient for students who rely on their phones for communication.


The use of Cell Phone Jammers in high school exams is becoming increasingly common. Schools are adopting this measure to ensure fairness and prevent cheating. While it may inconvenience students, it is a necessary step to maintain the integrity of the examination process. As technology continues to advance, schools must adapt their strategies to combat cheating effectively while also considering the needs and concerns of their students.