The Troubles Caused by High-Power Signal Jammers in Theaters

In recent years, mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. However, they have also caused some troubles, leading theaters to advocate the installation of high-power signal jammers. This article aims to shed light on the issue and explore the impact of these jammers on communication networks.

The Rise of High-Power Signal Jammers:

Have you ever noticed that our mobile phones cannot be used in many theaters? Sometimes, there is no signal, and other times, the signal is strong but calls cannot be connected. However, as soon as we step out of the theater, our phones start working again. Some individuals have even filed complaints and demanded compensation from telecommunication service providers. Interestingly, the problem does not lie with our phones or the communication networks. The culprit is a small device known as a “high-power signal jammer.”

The Role of High-Power Signal Jammers:

The emergence of high-power signal jammers has provided theaters with a means to prevent communication pollution. These jammers, which are installed in theaters, come at varying prices, ranging from a few thousand yuan. Theaters even assign dedicated personnel to operate these jammers. However, despite these efforts, it seems that they are not foolproof. According to a theater manager, they activate the jammers during symphony performances. However, during plays where actors wear earphones, the jammers interfere with their communication, making it impossible to activate them. Another theater representative mentioned that their high-power signal jammers, installed two years ago, are effective against certain mobile phone models but do not work on others, such as pager phones and CDMA devices.

Upgrading and Adaptability:

Recently, a theater completed the upgrade of its high-power signal jammers. The manufacturer even provided additional sockets to accommodate emerging technologies. The results were impressive, as not only did the jammers block mobile phone signals within the theater, but they also affected the signal in the office area.

Widespread Use of High-Power Signal Jammers:

All the theaters interviewed for this article were reluctant to discuss the topic of signal jammers. However, further investigation revealed that these jammers are used in various settings, including movie theaters, gas stations, and examination halls. While high-power signal jammers may cause some inconvenience to communication, they also provide us with a sense of tranquility.


The installation of high-power signal jammers in theaters has become a common practice to prevent communication disturbances. Although they may pose challenges for mobile phone users, they play a crucial role in maintaining a peaceful environment within these establishments. As technology continues to evolve, it is essential for theaters and other venues to adapt their signal jamming systems to ensure effective communication control without causing unnecessary inconvenience.