The Optimal Installation Position for Wireless Frequency Interference Devices

Wireless frequency interference devices are commonly installed according to customized plans. The most common installation positions for shielding equipment include the sides of the front and back blackboards or the top of the blackboard in the middle. They can also be placed in the middle area of the walls on both sides of the classroom. However, some people choose to directly place the shielding equipment on the podium or hide it inside the lectern. This approach should not be encouraged as it hampers the heat dissipation of the wireless frequency interference device when hidden inside the lectern. Moreover, if the lectern is made of metal, it further hinders signal transmission and directly affects the shielding effect.


Theoretical analysis indicates that among all possible installation positions, the most ideal location for the wireless frequency interference device in an examination room is the middle position of the classroom when using an omnidirectional antenna. In other words, if there is a crossbeam in the middle of the classroom, suspending the shielding equipment below it would be the best option. However, this approach brings two problems: firstly, it affects aesthetics, and secondly, the classroom must have sufficient height space.

The most reasonable installation position is to choose the middle position of the wall on the side facing the base station as the installation location for the wireless frequency interference device. This maximizes the shielding effect of the equipment as the signals are transmitted through doors and windows into the classroom.


In conclusion, the optimal installation position for wireless frequency interference devices depends on various factors such as the type of antenna used, the layout of the classroom, and the aesthetics. While placing the equipment in the middle of the classroom is ideal for shielding effectiveness, it may not always be feasible due to practical constraints. Therefore, selecting the middle position of the wall facing the base station is the most reasonable choice, as it allows for maximum utilization of the shielding device’s capabilities.