The Importance of Full-Band Jamming Devices in Meeting Rooms

Ensuring Uninterrupted Meetings by Disrupting Mobile Signals

In today’s digital age, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. However, their presence can often disrupt important meetings and hinder the progress of discussions. To address this issue, meeting rooms often employ full-band jamming devices to interfere with mobile signals, ensuring a distraction-free environment for participants. While most meeting rooms focus solely on disrupting mobile signals, there is a need to consider blocking other wireless frequencies as well. This article explores the significance of full-band jamming devices in meeting rooms and their ability to provide comprehensive interference across a wide range of frequencies.

The Need for Full-Band Jamming Devices

For most people, a small-scale meeting room can be effectively managed using low-power full-band jamming devices to disrupt mobile signals. However, these devices may not offer complete coverage across all frequencies. As professional manufacturers of full-band jamming devices, we understand the importance of achieving uninterrupted coverage from 20MHz to 6000MHz. To accomplish this, a minimum of 17 frequency modules is required, while our standard full-band jamming devices typically offer 12-channel output. Therefore, multiple devices need to be used in conjunction to achieve continuous full-band coverage.

Enhancing Low-Frequency Interference

While low-power full-band jamming devices can effectively disrupt mobile signals in small meeting rooms, they may not be as effective in interfering with low-frequency devices such as wireless remote controls, walkie-talkies, or wireless microphones. These devices typically utilize modules with power ranging from 2-3W, which may not produce noticeable interference in the low-frequency range. To address this limitation, medium-power full-band jamming devices combine several low-frequency modules with low-power full-band jammers, resulting in comprehensive interference across all frequencies.


In conclusion, the use of full-band jamming devices in meeting rooms is crucial to maintain an uninterrupted and focused environment. While low-power full-band jammers can effectively disrupt mobile signals, they may not provide complete coverage across all frequencies. To achieve comprehensive interference, medium-power full-band jamming devices are required, combining low-frequency modules with low-power jammers. By investing in these advanced technologies, meeting organizers can ensure that participants remain fully engaged in discussions without the distractions caused by mobile devices or other low-frequency wireless equipment.