The Importance of Communication Jamming Vehicles


In order to effectively respond to large-scale illegal gatherings, handle sudden mass incidents, and dismantle suspicious explosive devices, the role of communication jamming vehicles is crucial. These vehicles are equipped with ultra-wideband design, capable of blocking all common wireless signals ranging from 20-6000MHz. Not only can they control communication, but they can also render remote-controlled bombs ineffective. Apart from the ability to block wireless signals within the 20-6000MHz range, communication jamming vehicles should possess the following advantages:

1. Specialized Power Generation System:

Communication jamming devices consume a significant amount of power. Therefore, it is essential for these vehicles to be equipped with a dedicated power generation system. Only a high-power power take-off system can meet the daily power requirements for executing tasks. Additionally, this system can also render remote-controlled bombs ineffective.

2. Stable Control System:

Communication jamming vehicles should have a stable control system, which includes control over antenna collapse and module switches. This ensures that the vehicles can meet the control requirements in different usage scenarios.

3. Antenna Installation and Control:

The antennas installed on the vehicle’s roof should have a one-click collapse switch, enabling quick and easy elevation and retraction of the antenna. Even when the vehicle is traveling at speeds of up to 100km/h or on bumpy roads, the antennas should remain stable on the roof without colliding with each other. At the end of a mission, the antennas can be hidden, allowing the vehicle to perform other tasks. In case of a module malfunction, quick replacement should be possible to ensure the smooth functioning of the required modules for mission execution.


Communication jamming vehicles play a vital role in addressing large-scale illegal gatherings, handling sudden mass incidents, and neutralizing suspected explosive devices. With their ability to block wireless signals within the 20-6000MHz range, along with specialized power generation systems and stable control systems, these vehicles provide effective communication control and enhance security measures. By incorporating advanced technologies and features, communication jamming vehicles contribute significantly to maintaining public safety and security in various operational scenarios.