The Impact of Frequency Interference Devices on Electrical Equipment in Factories and Workshops

When purchasing and using frequency interference devices, some customers in factories or workshops express concerns about whether these devices will interfere with the electrical equipment in their facilities. This article aims to address these concerns and provide a clear understanding of the impact of frequency interference devices on conventional electrical equipment and precision power sources.

Will Frequency Interference Devices Interfere with Conventional Electrical Equipment?

The answer is no. Frequency interference devices only emit wireless radio frequency signals. Taking the example of a common mobile phone frequency interference device, the emitted interference signals have the same frequency range as mobile phones. Therefore, mobile phone frequency interference devices will only interfere with mobile phones. However, there is one scenario that needs to be addressed. If electrical equipment requires a Wi-Fi connection for communication, it is necessary to inform the frequency interference device manufacturer in advance. This ensures that the device avoids the Wi-Fi frequency band, allowing for uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal communication without interference.

Concerns Regarding Precision Power Sources:

The impact of frequency interference devices on precision power sources depends on specific circumstances. As mentioned earlier, frequency interference devices only interfere with the corresponding wireless frequency range. However, due to the relatively short range of their antennas, there may be a certain level of magnetic field interference or disturbance in the immediate vicinity. For instance, if the antenna of a frequency interference device is in direct contact with or very close to a power source line, the magnetic field interference caused by the antenna may affect the ripple and noise on the power source line.


To avoid any potential impact on high-precision power sources or power source lines, it is advisable to maintain a reliable safety distance of at least 1 meter between the frequency interference device and these sensitive components during installation and use.


In conclusion, frequency interference devices do not interfere with conventional electrical equipment. However, when precision power sources are involved, there may be a possibility of interference due to the magnetic field disturbance caused by the device’s antenna. To mitigate this risk, it is crucial to maintain a safe distance between the frequency interference device and precision power sources. By following these recommendations, factories and workshops can ensure the smooth operation of their electrical equipment without any interference from frequency interference devices.