The Full Band Shielding Device: A Reliable Guardian for Information Security

Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind for Users

The full band shielding device is a cutting-edge information security product developed using modern high-tech technology. It utilizes in-depth analysis of communication mechanisms, comprehensive comparison of electromagnetic emission suppression methods, and independent knowledge sovereignty to create a fully autonomous product. This device effectively forms an electromagnetic protection field around its installation site, preventing mobile phone leakage and eliminating noise pollution caused by mobile phones. The full band shielding device provides a secure and peaceful space, becoming a trusted and loyal guardian.

Is the Full Band Shielding Device Harmful to Humans and Mobile Phones?

Rest assured, the electromagnetic signal strength emitted by the full band shielding device is very weak. Test data has shown that this signal strength does not pose any harm to the human body. Additionally, the device only blocks the reception of signals from base stations, preventing mobile phones from connecting to them. Therefore, it does not cause any damage to the mobile phones themselves. It is a truly environmentally friendly product.

Environmental Performance and Safety:

The full band shielding device is an information security product developed for internal use by the national security department. The security bureau has set high requirements for the product’s environmental performance. Our company has successfully overcome various technical challenges, minimizing the transmission power to ensure that the electromagnetic radiation is far below the national standard of 12 microvolts per square meter. With a shielding radius of over 20 meters per device, our product is truly harmless to humans and genuinely environmentally friendly, with only 8 microvolts per square meter. It becomes a reliable and loyal guardian for users.

Comparison with Competing Products:

Unlike other similar products in the market that simply increase transmission power to expand the shielding radius, our full band shielding device has prioritized reducing emission power to ensure minimal electromagnetic radiation. Some competing products claim to have a shielding radius of 30-50 meters, but their actual emission power exceeds safety standards, posing serious health risks. With emission power reaching up to 40 microvolts per square meter, these products are more harmful than a microwave oven operating at 300W. Our full band shielding device, on the other hand, guarantees user safety and health.

Advanced Technology and Features:

The full band shielding device utilizes the most advanced high-frequency signal program control technology. Carefully developed, it has an emission power of no more than 1W. With a shielding radius of up to 50 meters when the base station signal field strength is less than 35 dBuv, it can reach up to 100 meters in open areas. For larger areas, installing multiple devices at different angles can effectively solve the problem while ensuring no harm to humans.


The full band shielding device is a state-of-the-art information security product that provides a secure and peaceful environment. With its weak emission power and adherence to strict environmental standards, it ensures the safety of users and their mobile phones. As a reliable and loyal guardian, it offers peace of mind in an increasingly connected world.